• Creating “win win” scenarios between buyers and sellers
  • Innovation in everything we do as a means of sustaining a leadership position in the industry
  • Honesty in all of our dealings with clients
  • A desire to work hard and exceed our clients expectations


Our Team Members

Yes, we are a small team. That is the way we want to keep it.

You will always receive our undivided attention. You will be treated like a valued family member who we want to get the best possible deal for.

Give us a call today. You will be glad you did.
      ~Tom and Damarys

Tom Gavin

Tom Gavin lr

Name the 3 most important decisions in a lifetime, and purchasing and selling a home likely could make your list.

My name is Tom Gavin.  Realtor, business leader, and world class student in customer service skills.  Honesty & integrity, along with a maniacal attention to detail, are foundational beliefs I begin and end each day with.

My co team member, Damarys Ayala and I pledge to always think ‘client outcomes’.  Yours.

Heralding from a small New England town instilled in me the importance of living my life according to a set of standards.   Relocating to Maryland while growing my business, I’ve now lived a majority of my life here.  Not sure at first how long I was going to stay when I first arrived over twenty years ago, I caught on to the similar ways people live their lives here.  Ways in which I was raised. Roots are important here and those values are passed down, generation after generation.

In less than 6 months after arriving, I had decided that with as much opportunity as was presented to me here, I was crazy for thinking there was more anywhere else.  I stayed.

Two things I did struggle with.  I just could not come to grips with this passion the locals had for sitting at a picnic table picking away at a crustacean from the Chesapeake Bay and become practically filthy from the process.  What?!?

All this work and I still craved for a burger 2 hours later??  Welcome Tom, to his first Maryland Crab Feast.  I have learned and now possess the how-to skills close enough to be thought of as a native Marylander.

The other issue I had was …  folks here root for the wrong baseball team.  Sorry.  When you’re born in Montague Massachusetts all catholic babies emerge from the womb a Red Sox fan.

Can I help with your real estate dreams?

Spend 5 minutes with me. You'll know quickly if your goals for listing match our skills.

I won’t make promises here. Only 2 assurances.  Here goes …

  • If I or my teammates feel we can help you, we’ll say so.
  • If for any reason we feel we cannot, we’ll say so as well.

How about a cup of coffee, perhaps a piece of pie, share a few stories with each other and explore what areas best that Tom Gavin’s Home Team can best serve you?

Damarys Ayala

Damasys Ayala lr

Our clients are more than a business transaction.
For us, it’s wonderfully personal.

My name is Damarys Ayala - the other half of Team Gavin.

I am motivated by relationships. People energize me.  For that reason, this business is a perfect fit for me.

Originally from Fajardo, Puerto Rico, I traveled the world with my family while my dad served in the military.  We lived in a melting pot of cultures, including San Juan, Costa Rica, Germany, and Massachusetts.

I was always fascinated by the differences in homes from one region to the next.  It’s no wonder I went into real estate some fifteen years ago.

What sets me apart?

  • A passion for industry knowledge that keeps me abreast of the latest trends in the industry. I love to learn. What factors determine market trends?  What variables determine prices and rates?  Research and study are an ongoing process if you want to serve your clients in the best way possible in this industry.
  • An obsession for customer care along with a sincere empathy for the occasional challenge a seller or buyer may face is the engine that drives me.
  • Fluency in two languages.
  • A real team approach. Tom and I play off of each others skills. One plus one equals much more than two when you hire Tom Gavin's Home Team of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.

Now, tell us more about your move.

What is the trigger for this change? We find that when we understand this, we can better help you reach your goals.

This is a really fun business.  It is a privilege and an honor to work with people as they make such a momentous decision.

Call today and tell us about your dreams. 443-966-0692